Anyone can be a hero


“We live through passions, through rationality we only exist.”
Nicolas Chamfort (1741 – 1794)

… and the mornings I enjoy with my great passion, the rock music. “music was my first love …”.  music is a wonderful medium to convey emotions; an honest language that everyone can understand.

currently my absolute favourite is the swiss rock band “crystal ball”. it is always a great pleasure to listen to steven m.’s impressive voice to the melodic hard rock rhythms.

particularly awesome is the emotionally performed ballad “eternal flame”.

the sounds get deeply into my ears.  I hum and sing along, bobbing to the beat and start to dance. and that puts me in a highly emotional spirit for the new day. it brings a light into  everyday life.

I feel happy and secure.

music arises out of a sensation.  and what we hear are the emotions and thoughts of the musician. it often reflects the current mood of the musician. a feeling that is also embedded in the experiences and influences, a synthesis.

and so I float lighthearted and easy-going through this day. there is always a new beginning …  and “anyone can be a hero” …

recharge your battery with painting

mixed by bea emma schueler

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every single day we are exposed to the growing ordinary madness of everyday life. but we have limited power. to refuel my soul I have detected experimental painting. especially the work with colours has a therapeutic effect – to get my soul back into harmony.

a breathing exercise and an oasis for painting is part of the preparation for my painting evening. and, very important, cosy clothes. when painting I like listening to chill-out music or sometimes also melodic rock music. music helps to escape my daily routine, to feel comfortable and to give vent to my feelings.

in my paintings, I’m experimenting with all kinds of materials, such as modelling/texture  pastes, sand and tissue paper, plaster and photos. so often arise formal surface compositions. when choosing the colours I switch between acrylic and oil paints.

“painting is a piece of freedom in addition to the daily necessities”.

the subjects of my images often arise from everyday life. from emotions like happiness, joy, desire, but also sorrow or grief. it’s just an emotion of my personality in my present situation, an emotion that is embedded in the experience and influences of my environment. the result is a synthesis.

mixed by bea emma schueler
mixed by bea emma schueler

and today I choose the colours red, orange and yellow:

  • the colour “red” looks lively, playful and brings dynamism to the day. at the same time red helps to think positively, gives self confidence and power.
  • the colour “yellow” brightens up the mood. the good-mood-yellow conjures sun in the heart. yellow also helps with lovesickness, clinging and not-able-to-release.
  • the color “orange” also brings joy of life, warmth and friendliness.

and the result is this image “mixed”, a firework of positive emotions and more …

“painting is a language without words.”

an artwork touches upon me when it captivates my eyes and my mind, when it surprises and confuses. and I want to achieve this while looking at my pictures. and contribute a little for my own “deceleration” in a jumble of everyday life.

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Is deceleration art? Is Slow Living culture?

Of course we are inclined to reply with “yes” to both questions immediately. Slow Living Blog will deliver the detailed answer, the “know how”, over time. And in this section of our blog we deal with this question of how art and culture can be practiced and enjoyed according to the ideas of Slow Living.

In addition to providing people with basic necessities such as food and shelter to a decent life includes music, art, culture and a healthy community life; things that have a value for their own sake without the view of yield and without a “must”.

It makes sense, to give this area of life enough space and time initially, that the individual less edifying “time wasters” are done as efficiently as possible.  That may be shopping for basic needs, the cleaning of the household, or washing the laundry, for some it might also be garden care, which will take up room elsewhere in our blog as a source of edification and relaxation.

Those who learn to get over and done efficiently and quickly with activities that prove to be the anything else but relaxing , to speed them up rather than slow down, those gain time for the experience or creation of art and culture.

Our articles and tips will be about the contrast between speed and slowness (up to a stillstand, which has been of particular fascination to artists), and about the concept of time in visual arts, music, film.

When art and culture are closely connected with communication (or build a form of communication) we want to take into consideration of how to slow down this form of communication in order to increase the pleasure they give us.  A definition of culture might incidentally be “civilization extended to moral components”.  Civilization would therefore be a refrigerator, culture its contents.  If the moral components may be brought into alignment with the objectives of Slow Living , then – you can guess it – Slow Living is culture itself.

But be warned, the word “culture” derives from the Latin “cultura” (care, cultivation), and it will not be possible without your efforts; enjoyment and quality of life need to be earned.