Slow Living and Wellness

Slow Living and Wellness – how do these two words match?  ‘Wellness’ is  already a common term in our lives (although  linked to many different associations) while slow living prepares itself to risk the step out of the semi-shade of the elitist environment into the public eye.

‘Wellness’ symbolizes well-being, fitness and happiness.

Slow Living addresses itself to the deceleration of all areas of life. To increase well-being, health and satisfaction are the defined goals of this deceleration, so wellness in the sense of the word is an instrument to achieve those objectives.

Unfortunately the word ‘wellness’ is misused for advertising purposes at least as often as ‘bio’ or ‘organic’ and implicates yet less content.

If mineral waters, hotel pools, ionic hair dryers, sunglasses, plaids, tacky slip-ons – just to name some examples – are offered with a wellness indication, this is a signal for us to look closely at this area and provide you with information and recommendations for your physical well-being and indications to possible cheatings.

Frequently you will find pleasurable subjects in this category, but also reports of annoying and useless things, especially when sustainability and conservation of resources are brought into question.

In common usage wellness seams to be understood as a synonym for ‘treatments for relaxation’, but in our context we want to thoroughly address ourself to ‘body, spirit, soul’ (and also take into account sports and health).

Our goal is a better ability to judge, since health is a primary goal of slow living, without other goals are difficult to achieve.

Slow Living - Wellness


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