Get rid of old and odd things

In a previous post I have already written about decluttering.  Our goal is to lead a “simpler” life with more time for ourselves and our loved ones.

Let us look around.  Do the files pile up on your desk? What is the appearance of your apartment?  The garden? You hope to get a better overview? Too many knick-knacks in the way.  The stunted plant on the windowsill is not motivating, too.  Piles of documents, all waiting to be read.  And then the kitchen, the wardrobe, the nursery, the garage, the attic …  Pretty much ballast …  And this ballast blocks us.

The first important discovery:  Clutter cannot be organised.


With what do we start?

Everything visible.


Where do we start?

Everyone needs to find out for oneself.  I start in the living room and work my way from there to the other rooms. The garden follows later.  It’s winter now … (At least in the Northern Hemisphere)


How do we start?

I set a timer to 15 minutes, take a garbage bag and a box or more bags and grab a duster and a damp cloth.  Anything can be done for 15 minutes.  For each part, I now have to make a tough decision:

  • waste or not repairable – into the garbage bag
  • seasonal items – in a labelled box
  • keep it – clean it

    I take pictures of valuable items and file them with purchase date and price (ideally with proof of purchase) in an inventory folder

  • items with emotional value that don’t match the furnishings – in a labelled box
  • items that you do not like, but are too good or too valuable for waste – give away or sell

    Books to the public library, dresses for second-hand shop, tableware and decoration to the flea market

You will see, in 15 minutes you can accomplish a lot.  And now have fun with decluttering.  Important: throw the filled garbage bag immediately in the bin!

And now we repeat this every day!

How do you declutter?  Do you have any other suggestions? Just write me.  The best ideas will be published here?

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2 Replies to “Get rid of old and odd things”

  1. The photo idea is great. Sometimes a photo or even just the memory of a sentimental item is all you need to keep, especially when you know that item is likely to spend the rest of its life in a box, taking up space.
    Another tip is to ask yourself when you are looking at buying something new, where exactly is this new thing going to be placed in your home? Is there space?….or does something else hhave to go? Make that decision before you buy.

  2. Hi Jan, you are right. From time to time I realize that I bought some wonderful gadgets or decoration but had no place for it. So they disappeared in drawers or – even worse – disturbed the look and feel of other things at their sides.

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