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The day before yesterday I noticed the first signs. Chills and fever, headache, sore throat … Although the flu epidemic already faded away. I think I have to grasp some natural remedies.

  • Elderberry juice
  • hot lemonade with ginger and honey
  • chicken broth

A DAK (German health insurance company) study has determined that we take too much antibiotics – and especially children. That does not have to. Nature offers an alternative especially for urinary and respiratory tract infections. For thousands of years herbal antibiotics are used with success and without the known side effects of chemical antibiotics.

Hypericum perforatum - Common Saint John's wort
Hypericum perforatum – Common Saint John’s wort

This week’s favorite links für natural antibiotics and remedies.

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  5. 24-Hour Flu Treatment
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  7. Modern Alternative Mama – Natural Remedies
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  9. Home Remedies & Natural Cures
  10. At Home Cold and Flu Remedies


And again … the home remedies helped. 🙂

I wish you a happy and healthy easter,



Warning: Disclaimer and common hint on medical subjects.


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