The last articles were mainly theoretical views of  Slow Living. Now the time has come to put our ideas into action.

Our goal is a happy, satisfied life. A simplification and deceleration of everyday life. Unfortunately, most of us carry unnecessary ballast along. These may be things that make our homes burst at the seams, but also thoughts that may block us.

So it happened to me a few years ago. The result: both professional and personal disasters. My new home was suddenly too small for all the things burdened with unpleasant associations. To get back to breathe, there was only one remedy – decluttering. First I picked out the date of the next garbage collection and disposed the big stuff. I packed the car and drove to a nearby recycling center. The first step was done … I plan to write several posts about the methods of decluttering the rest of the home and the workspace. So check back again from time to time 😉


It is more difficult to clear your mind. Sleepless nights because of meandering thoughts. Missed deadlines because memory doesn’t work flawlessly any longer. There is only one thing, get organized by mind-decluttering.

Gedanken entrümpeln mit Notizbüchern.

I’m using a notebook that I always carry with me. On the left book page I write down EVERYTHING which seems important enough to keep it in mind. At home I transfer appointments to my calendar then; and on the right page of the notebook I build up a todo list. More information on notebooks and todo lists in an upcoming article.

This method works very well for me. Falling asleep without trouble any more. By the way, the notebook lies on the bedside table in case I wake up and want to note something, what would have vanished out of memory in the morning … for certain.

Decluttering is one of my favorite subjects. Therefore, I am very interested in your experiences. So please send me your comments or emails which methods you prefer?

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