Anyone can be a hero

“We live through passions, through rationality we only exist.”
Nicolas Chamfort (1741 – 1794)

… and the mornings I enjoy with my great passion, the rock music. “music was my first love …”.  music is a wonderful medium to convey emotions; an honest language that everyone can understand.

currently my absolute favourite is the swiss rock band “crystal ball”. it is always a great pleasure to listen to steven m.’s impressive voice to the melodic hard rock rhythms.

particularly awesome is the emotionally performed ballad “eternal flame”.

the sounds get deeply into my ears.  I hum and sing along, bobbing to the beat and start to dance. and that puts me in a highly emotional spirit for the new day. it brings a light into  everyday life.

I feel happy and secure.

music arises out of a sensation.  and what we hear are the emotions and thoughts of the musician. it often reflects the current mood of the musician. a feeling that is also embedded in the experiences and influences, a synthesis.

and so I float lighthearted and easy-going through this day. there is always a new beginning …  and “anyone can be a hero” …

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