mandalas – balm for the soul

mandalas – balm for the soul

amongst others the painting of mandala images is great means for deceleration and relaxation.

the word mandala means circle. and mandala images consist of geometric shapes that form around a centre point. the colouring of mandalas has some positive effects. it is especially nice to relax and to reduce stress. the flow of thoughts calms down. creativity and concentration is encouraged.

so, depending on the mood, I select a mandala from the book energie und kraft durch mandalas[i] von marion und werner küstenmacher, of which I like the shape and look. I retreat to a place where I feel comfortable and undisturbed.

particularly suitable for colouring are crayons.

the colouring of mandalas is a lot more. it is a ritual, a dance around the centre, run by crayons, which leave their colourful traces.

who colours, hits the trail …

it is advisable to create the picture from the outside to the inside. for accompaniment to the calm suits relaxation music.

mandalas stand for order and structure. the geometric shapes are familiar to us since childhood and ensure a spatial and temporal orientation while being drawn. therefore mandalas for example are ideal for use in ergotherapy. with their established form they provide assistance for patients where free painting could trigger the emotion of mental overload.

the drawing of mandalas is also a preferred meditation exercise of Tibetan monks.

and it is not a matter that the mandala must be as perfect and beautiful. the result is secondary. above all it is a matter of time with yourself. just live and paint. a great moment to win. and those who try it, will understand the magic …


my mandala shows a colourful fantasy-flower.

I can also recommend the book by ruediger dahlke mandalas der welt[ii].


[i] Marion and Werner Tiki Küstenmacher: Energie und Kraft durch Mandalas, Bassermann Verlag, Munich 2008, ISBN-10: 3809423688, ISBN-13: 978-3809423683

[ii] Ruediger Dahlke: Mandalas der Welt, Heinrich Hugendubel Verlag, Kreuzlingen/Munich 2006, ISBN-10: 3880342652, ISBN-13: 978-3880342651

Don’t toss it – repair it

Don’t toss it – repair it

We live in a throwaway society. Unfortunately, one of our gadgets is broken and we consider whether it is worth to have it repaired. We quickly decide that a repair is more expensive than buying a new device.  And certainly the item ends up in the waste.  Often enough in household waste, although it is actually e-waste.  Admittedly for many repairs you need a certain expert knowledge and appropriate tools.

One solution for non-amateur crafters: why not ask your friends or neighbours.  And in return offer your expertise.  Sure you can find a bulletin board somewhere in your vicinity, e.g. in the supermarket.

Repair Café

Another positive trend are Repair-Cafés, originally from Holland – initiated by Martine Postma in 2007.  Usually they are organized by local economic agents, volunteers and repair experts; you can bring your defective items to fix them and – most of all – together with the experts.  You receive valuable tips and instructions for making it yourself.

The particular benefit of this project

  • waste prevention
  • environmental protection
  • sustainablility
  • learning
  • knowledge preservation
  • contacts
  • appreciation

The required tools and materials for the repair of furniture, appliances, clothing, toys and bicycles are largely available, e. g. carpentry tools, tools for electrical appliances, sewing accessories.  Having coffee, tea and cake you can now screw, solder, cut, sew.  You may also find interesting books about repair and home improvement on a reading table.  The chance of success is actually the greatest when you bring all the cables, accessory and operating instructions.


There are now Repair-Cafés in 15 countries worldwide, e. g. the Netherlands, Germany, France, USA, Australia.  Here you will find a list of cafés near you.  By the way, if you want to open your own Repair-Café, you receive a lot of support and information – and all at a very reasonable price.

What do you prefer? Repair it or toss it? Please tell me your experiences?

Anyone can be a hero

Anyone can be a hero

“We live through passions, through rationality we only exist.”
Nicolas Chamfort (1741 – 1794)

… and the mornings I enjoy with my great passion, the rock music. “music was my first love …”.  music is a wonderful medium to convey emotions; an honest language that everyone can understand.

currently my absolute favourite is the swiss rock band “crystal ball”. it is always a great pleasure to listen to steven m.’s impressive voice to the melodic hard rock rhythms.

particularly awesome is the emotionally performed ballad “eternal flame”.

the sounds get deeply into my ears.  I hum and sing along, bobbing to the beat and start to dance. and that puts me in a highly emotional spirit for the new day. it brings a light into  everyday life.

I feel happy and secure.

music arises out of a sensation.  and what we hear are the emotions and thoughts of the musician. it often reflects the current mood of the musician. a feeling that is also embedded in the experiences and influences, a synthesis.

and so I float lighthearted and easy-going through this day. there is always a new beginning …  and “anyone can be a hero” …