Slow Living

Zufriedenheit durch Entschleunigung

Simple Life

7. April 2015

Simplify Your Life

During my Google research of slow living info this morning  I found the website (unfortunately only German) by Werner Kuestenmacher, a protestant theologian in Bavaria, who started in 1990...


2. April 2015

Links der Woche – Natural Antibiotics and Natural Remedies

The day before yesterday I noticed the first signs. Chills and fever, headache, sore throat … Although the flu epidemic already faded away. I think I have to grasp some...


20. March 2015

Links of the Week

This time I have to disappoint you … I can only provide German “Slow Living” Links at the moment. But in a short time you may find also English homepages...


9. February 2015

mandalas – balm for the soul

amongst others the painting of mandala images is great means for deceleration and relaxation. the word mandala means circle. and mandala images consist of geometric shapes that form around a...


7. February 2015

Don’t toss it – repair it

We live in a throwaway society. Unfortunately, one of our gadgets is broken and we consider whether it is worth to have it repaired. We quickly decide that a repair is more expensive than buying a new device. And certainly the item ends up in the waste. Often enough in household waste, although it is actually e-waste. Admittedly for many repairs you need a certain expert knowledge and appropriate tools.


1. February 2015

Anyone can be a hero

“We live through passions, through rationality we only exist.”
Nicolas Chamfort (1741 – 1794)

… and the mornings I enjoy with my great passion, the rock music. “music was my first love …”. music is a wonderful medium to convey emotions; an honest language that everyone can understand.

declutter 15 minutes

30. January 2015

Get rid of old and odd things

In a previous post I have already written about decluttering. Our goal is to lead a “simpler” life with more time for ourselves and our loved ones. Too much ballast blocks us. Although making room is so easy. Read more about one possible decluttering method.

Gesund durch Ernährung

27. January 2015

Healthy Diet – Part 3

We take a lot of medications and are still sick. The Nutritional Docs Anne Fleck, Matthias Riedl and Jörn Klasen say diet can be a chance to become and stay healthy. Food = medicine. The third part of an interesting TV documentary in German TV showed three more examples. So here’s a brief summary.

mixed by bea emma schueler

23. January 2015

recharge your battery with painting

every single day we are exposed to the growing ordinary madness of everyday life. but we have limited power. to refuel my soul I have detected experimental painting. especially the work with colours has a therapeutic effect – to get my soul back into harmony.

Gallery and Landscape in Bissee

23. January 2015

Slow Living and Art

Is deceleration art? Is Slow Living culture? Of course we are inclined to reply with “yes” to both questions immediately. Slow Living Blog will deliver the detailed answer, the “know how”, over time. And in this section of our blog we deal with this question of how art and culture can be practiced and enjoyed according to the ideas of Slow Living.

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